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Voxel Quest is a turn-based, tactical, roguelike role-playing game with both single-player and multiplayer modes. It features a procedurally-generated world, fully dynamic storytelling, and vast potential for modding and creating your own games.

The Voxel Quest engine is — as its name suggests! — voxel-based. All characters, terrain, and items are built from thousands of tiny particles. Everything is solid and fully destructible, allowing the player to truly shape the world as they explore it.

It's currently in development, with a minigame scheduled for release by Q2 2016 and the finished game in 2017. For a list of updates, check out the Kickstarter page or the official site.

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We're proud to announce that Voxel Quest has been successfully funded! Thank you for your generous support - we couldn't have done it without you. For the original Kickstarter video, click below:

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  • Open source - Game owners have complete access to the codebase, allowing modders to create many unique ways to play the game.
  • AI - Intelligent AI characters will interact and response to any of the systems in the world.
  • Generation - With automated generation in the game, and the ability to modify the landscape to your choosing, you can come up with some amazing ideas.